Sunday, March 2, 2014

Wednesday, February 26

Today I woke up early and went for a run. After the run, I showered and got dressed, and waited around for a little while. Around 11, Tio Rodrigo and Tia Paula came over with our little cousins Flo, Josefa, and baby Pascale, who was born on the same day I came to Chile. They were going to stay a few days with us. We played around a while with Flo and Josefa, and then we ate lunch outside.
After lunch, my friend Thomas came over and we walked all the way to the center in the burning heat to fix our cell phones. My phone has been broken and not working for like a month and a half now and his has the exact same problem, so we went together to this little kiosk in the center where they fix phones. After we left our phones there (they said they would call us later once they figured out the problem), we went to get starbucks at the mall.
It was great catching up with Thomas after such a long time without seeing him. He has a reputation for being a crazy partier and he did not disappoint me with his stories. We got home and there was dinner waiting. We all ate tacos outside together, and then Thomas and I went to my room and talked for a while longer while he waited for his parents to come get him. After he left around 9, I Skyped with Kathryn. We talked for a while, and I felt like I was back in the US helping my friends with their problems and catching up on all the ANHS drama. After Kathryn and I finished, I went out to the living room to talk with the adults and help Tia Pau make baptism gifts for Pascale’s baptism. We all went to sleep around 2:30.

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  1. Well, if there's something good that came out from your busted cell phone, is that you had a chat with Thomas! What exactly was wrong with your cell phone, BTW? I hope you didn't spend a fortune on that!
    Mary Hagopian @