Saturday, March 1, 2014

Monday, February 17

Today we woke up late, ate breakfast, and moved out of the refugio. We made the hour drive to the Saltos de Petrohue, which is a giant, powerful waterfall and national park. The water was a beautiful turquoise blue and incredibly powerful rushing over the rocks.

There was an incredible number of people there touring, and probably more tourists speaking English than Spanish. We took pictures in front of the waterfall, and then spent a while walking through the forest and exploring. Then we drove further to Puerto Varas, where we parked the car and walked a while down the boardwalk, watching all the people having fun on the beach and enjoying the incredibly huge volcanoes in the background. We went to a nice pizzeria in the middle of town and had the yummiest lunch ever.
Then we walked through the city to a huge church and a virgin statue nearby where people leave plaques giving thanks to the virgin for helping them in some way.
Then we went to another feria artesenal and walked back along the boardwalk and through the city to the car.

Then we made the drive to Frutillar and looked for a camping nearby. We found a nice camping on the beach next to a lake.
We put everything together super fast, with Monse and me blowing up all the mattresses, and in an hour and a half we were eating dinner. During dinner, the tensions of traveling together all the time started to show, as Maxi and Monse begged their parents to return to the house early. They were tired of camping and traveling and wanted to go home to watch TV. I got really angry at them because I was having a fantastic time and I felt personally hurt that they were asking to cut short my only opportunity to see the south of Chile. I tried to make them understand how important this trip was for me, but they just wanted to go home, so we agreed to disagree and let the parents decide. After dinner, Eric took out the projector he uses for classes, hung up a white tablecloth along a bush nearby, and Monse and I watched El Rey Leon on the big screen while bundled up in blankets because it was freezing cold outside. Then I went to sleep around midnight.

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