Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday, February 23

Today we woke up late again, and we immediately had to pack up and get ready to go back to Talca. We ate a quick breakfast, said goodbye to everyone, and left for Talca. I spent the whole ride back to Talca listening to music. When we arrived at the house in Talca, it was a little uncomfortable because Nancy had left for the campo in the middle of a fight with her mom. Her mom didn’t want to come with us to the campo because she feels neglected by the family and like they never invite her or want her in their campo house, and Nancy said that she wouldn’t be limited by what her mom thinks and just left anyway. When we got back to the house, lunch was a little tense.
The sign says "spicy: it bites your mouth and then your ass"
After lunch, Nancy, Eric, and I went to the feria in the center of Talca to buy vegetables for the house in Rancagua. I got to try this cool fruit called a pepino that I’d never heard of before.
After we got home, we had to load up the car with everything we had brought from the south trip. There was so much stuff that we had to collapse the last row of seats in the minivan and ride all 3 kids in one row. The journey to Talca, although it was finally the last car ride for a while, felt really long. I listened to music and read Elegi Vivir the whole time. When we finally got home it was like 8 at night.
We unloaded the whole car and ordered everything in the house. Then I wrote for a little while in my blog, we ate a quick family dinner, and I went to sleep in my nice comfortable bed for the first time in way too long. The only sucky thing was the Eric had forgotten to pay the internet bill, so although I was finally home from a 3 week long vacation without internet, I still couldn’t open facebook or talk to my friends or even let them know I was home because there was no internet in the house and my cell phone has been broken for over a month.

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