Saturday, March 1, 2014

Wednesday, February 12

Today we woke up really late after having stayed up until 5 the night before. I watched TV for a while and we talked and killed time until lunch. I was starting to feel a little antsy to do something and continue seeing sights. I felt like we were wasting precious vacation time while Nancy cooked with Julia and Eric took a nap. After lunch I got my wish and we went to another town in Chiloe called Dalcahue.
We went to a big feria, and Javi and I had a lot of fun together talking about boys and taking pictures near the boats in the harbor.
Then we went to Castro, the capital of Chiloe and to a giant feria. I was astounded by the number of things made out of wool that were being sold there. We went out to the dock when we got tired of the feria and watched the catamarans docking.
In the center of the plaza there was a gorgeous yellow and purple church (if you haven’t caught on yet, Chiloe is famous for its beautiful and historic churches).
We had to drive quickly back to Curaco de Velez because the tire in the van had been pierced and was quickly losing air and there were no mechanics open because it was 8 at night. We had to stop at like 3 different gas stations on the 30 minute ride to put more air in the tire. We got home, ate dinner, and sat around talking until like 2 in the morning.

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